Agile Software Development to Achieve Your Business Goals

We are a mobile and web app development company that delivers high-quality software solutions to the business in accordance with agile software development process. After more than five years of offering our services to both small business representatives and huge corporations, our strong team of 57 skilled developers and talented designers learned to deliver the most efficient B2B solutions that increase income streams, productivity and improve customers engagement. Our web development company offers you a bespoke solution that meets all your requirements utilising the powers of the latest technologies in combination with agile methodology. Our software engineers smoothly integrate innovative technologies in your software product and adapt it according to your vision of the results.

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What we do

Our company specialises in bespoke software development for businesses of any size and in any industry. Whether it is mobile or web development our programmers can turn into life any of your ideas and ensure that you will get a high-quality software solution that meets your business objectives and personal requirements functionally and aesthetically.

Bespoke software development

Our software firm provides a tailored solution that realises your forward-thinking vision and meets your business need. When our developers create a software product for you, they carefully study your target audience and run a market research. The data we gather is considered in the agile development process to ensure that our team delivers an efficient app that works for you. We do our best to help your business stand out among your competitors in the tough and competitive environment of your industry. Our wealth of expertise and agile methodology help us deliver a completely customised solution that matches your specific needs.

Mobile app development

Mobile internet consumption keeps growing rapidly and opening doors for numerous business opportunities. And our mobile development company is welcoming forward-thinking entrepreneurs who want to move their business to the next level and attract potential customers across the globe. Our mobile developers love to get acquainted with your ideas and help you to turn them into real apps. We work together with you using agile project management to develop amazing mobile apps that provide actual value to your business. Our understanding of mobile technology and experience of work in IT sphere empower us to shape apps specific to your ideas. Our team works with all major platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • BlackBerry

Web design & development

Our web agency builds stunning web applications putting emphasis on both robust functionality and attractive and intuitive design. User-centered interface, clean and secure code, good architecture - all these components lead your company to the success. You can easily share your challenging ideas with us because we are that team that can realise them. Our web designers can create you a measurable online presence, or create a high-performing tool that increases your efficiency dramatically and streamlining your workflow. Even if you have only a brief idea of what you want to develop but you have a clear picture of desirable results our team can help you with our technical insight, breadth of experience, skills, and agile methodology to create a tool that meets your business goals. Our web developers work with multiple programming languages:
  • HTML5
  • CCS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python and many others.

Our Process

Our team has been developing software for about five years, and now we have an established process of development with agile process management which ensure that our final results will exceed your expectations.

Determination of the basic goals

At first, our project manager talks to you to identify your business objectives and desirable results you want to achieve with the software our company is making. We analyse the results of our conversation and based on what we are developing we determine an approximate time of the development and its costs. Our developers don’t hide a thing from you. Our process is transparent for you. We also run market research and analyse your target audience to offer you useful suggestions that will make your software product only better. Finally, our team actively collaborates with you to determine the core functionality which we are going to implement in the first Sprint of our agile software development process.

An MVP development

As soon as we determined the scope of the software we are building we create the team that will develop the project. Our agile developers team sees initial goals and consider how they can evolve during the development and select software developers and designers whose expertise allows to work with your project. These people become your team. They analyse your requirements on layout, functionality, and navigation and model an initial architecture and design of a working program which we call an MVP or minimum viable product with its core functionality. We invite you to give your feedback on this program and in this stage, you get a brightly visualised idea of what you are about to have at the end. Our software engineer identifies our strategy and direction of further development. You tell us what you like about your MVP and what you would like to change and our project managers set a new task for your team of developers.

Final product and testing

Since our agile software developers created an MVP, we keep delivering you regular results in iterative development cycles improving your software tool according to your feedback and changing its design and functionality and development strategy to ensure that your project meets your evolving business needs and requirements. Since our team presented you the first working program we run numerous QA and UX tests to deliver your a high-quality product that not only works well but also looks great and has an intuitive user interface. Every time our software developers add new features and make some improvements we repeat tests to ensure that these changes are smoothly implemented and only improve customer experience. In the end, using this agile methodology, we get a usable, functional, user-friendly software solution with an appealing interface.

What is an agile software development?

Let us define the notion ‘agile’ to describe what we mean when we say that we use them developing our software products. Agile in software development refers to an umbrella term which includes several methodologies such as Scrum, Crystal, XP and others. In the center there are four top priorities:
  • Individuals and interactions are valued more than processes and tools;
  • Working software is more important than comprehensive documentation;
  • Contract negotiation isn’t enough; customer should participate in the process;
  • Instead of following a plan blindly, developers quickly respond to changes.
All in all, agile methodologies provide an iterative development which leaves room for changing strategy due to evolving requirements and the ways to meet them. An essential part of agile development is that it implies collaboration of self-organised cross-functional teams and business people including regular meeting which is possible only in a strictly disciplined project management. This is what agile software development is about according to the Agile Manifesto which was developed by leading figures in the software development sector.

Agile Scrum Methodology

On of the agile methods we use more commonly is a Scrum methodology which is one of agile project management frameworks. In other words, it is a set of practices required to be consistent with this particular framework, in the case of Scrum, it is about Sprints, development cycles. Scrum became one of the most used agile methodologies because it is simple, time-tested and can be used in combination with other practices. During the Scrum Sprints, which usually are no longer than 30 days, cross-functional teams deliver to the customer the results for further evaluation and analysis. Then developers together with the customer put new goals that should be achieved after the next Sprint whether it is about functionality or something else. This process is very convenient for adjusting to the rapidly-changing requirements and meet evolving business objectives. Sprints are repeated until the customer is completely satisfied with the results. Scrum is a perfect agile way to increase the speed of deliverance and retain the high quality of the software product.

Agile vs Waterfall

While Agile methodologies imply complex development process which deals with all the aspects at the same time Waterfall is a linear approach which implies distinct stages from planning to designing to coding and to testing where developers start a new stage of development only when they finish the previous one. It is impossible to say what is better, as each of them fits different situations.
There are two main project categories:
  • The first one, where everything is structured and agreed, sometimes, it’s even fixed in a SRS (software requirement specification).- In this case we would recommend to work according to the waterfall methodology.
  • The second one, when you have a brief idea and a lot of features must be proved by the market tests and some changes should be implemented to the software during the development before the final solution will be represent to the market. In this case Agile method Agile methods are more preferable.

Why do we use agile methods?

Agile development allows a team of developers to change the direction of the project throughout the whole development lifecycle. Such opportunities can be achieved due to an iterative process which implies repeated work cycles which let us implement new features to the app incrementally and hence make some improvement by the way.
Every aspect, from functionality to design, can be continuously reconsidered and reevaluated throughout the software development lifecycle. It significantly reduces development costs and product’s time to market. The point is that before its release a piece of software is continuously optimised by developers during the development and that leads to the creation of a competitive product.

Benefits of Agile Development

  • A lightweight framework for developers - more productive time to build software;
  • Quick respond to evolving requirements throughout the development and increased adaptability of the project to the changing business goals;
  • Reduced overall risk;
  • Rapid delivery in combination with high quality;
  • Maximised business value thanks to the customer’s feedback throughout the whole process.