Custom Software Development Company

Rockin offers bespoke software development services. Our IT experts’ competence in top-notch technologies, innovations, IT trends and tools ensures that we provide software solutions that are tailored to your requirements and help you achieve your business goals.
Our team has worked with ambitious startups as well as well-known brands with offices all over the globe and have a portfolio that can boast over hundred of successfully delivered projects related to the web and mobile development.
We obtain unique expertise based on our experience which enables us to bring an optimal technical solution which fits the customer’s requirements. Rockin developers work with unrivalled speed and efficiency which ensure rapid launch reducing the costs and timescales.

What distinguish us from other developers

Agile Development Model

We have established development process based on an agile methodology which let us provide a responsive and flexible creation of software solutions making the process clear and transparent for our customers. Our team delivers results with Scrum Sprints ensuring that customers are always able to estimate their program, give feedback and make changes in their strategy.


Our developers deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) at the early stage of the development collecting end-user feedback and presenting the program with the core functionality to you so that you could try it and identify the potential demand for your software solution.

Full Spectrum of Services

Rockin offers a full range of services taking care of every stage of the development from business analysis and idea verification to user interface design, coding, and program deployment and maintenance. Like a one-stop shop with a team of well-versed IT specialists, we will provide you with a fully-fledged application which meets all your requirements.