Create an Excellent App Design in London to Win the World Market

We develop attractive app design to be useful for each user of your application. Years of hard work on creation of attractive software solutions, providing exclusive projects to increase the value of the client’s business to companies regardless of their size or commercial field.

Design for People: We Create User-First Products

Software design considers the core in terms of usability and user participation. A newbie may be distracted by an idea of ​​a new concept and design, and will not use that app even if it is based on a wonderful idea.

Skilled London designers know how to earn income by winning the market with incredible concepts. The fact is that successful products are built thinking of real people. We understand users and develop real applications that satisfy their needs and motives. This is a perfect method of teamwork to bring your business more revenue.

The difference between people-first and product-first approaches

The visualisation-first design is very easy, but it is not so efficient. In this way, you think about creating an idea and implementing it in real life and sometimes forget about the functional needs.

It is difficult to create a user-friendly design in case you essentially do not understand the user.

Our London designers have a deep understanding of how people interact with devices, how they fill up when touching and zooming in, what we suggest when opening this menu and its menu I am doing When developers achieve the goal of an app, the problem to be solved begins to create a visualisation that looks for the interaction that requires less time and the best experience.

Identify your mood

  • The first rule to study people is to recognize the needs, feelings and the portrait of each of the potential clients.
  • When developers create applications in London, they start with a brainstorming: how do people feel before opening the app? How do you feel after?
  • By identifying these emotions, we can clarify user expectations and create products that are perfectly compatible with users.

Consider the context

What people feel after opening the app is the basic knowledge that begins when you create something that people will surely use. But people live in specific places, hours or daily life. They all affect how users feel about the product, how it is used and how often they need it.

For example, if the context of the user is urgent (in a hurry or another urgency), the design is simplified with it. Speed ​​up, reduce cognitive burdens and keep bells and whistles for a lighter context.

Find motivation

The third rule is to understand the motivation of the users and the mechanism of their priorities.

There are two things to keep in mind. It is knowing the problem of the surface that people try to solve. The value of the product depends on whether the user has reached the project and whether it depends on happiness to achieve it.

For example, all those who need to move from point A to point B according to demand have many options in London. It is a crowded and convenient market for citizens. However, they do not necessarily make customers happy evenly. It depends on what else is being influenced, except getting the vehicle, it affects the use of the product and the loyalty of the logo.

Designers in London periodically ask questions. In addition to the tasks, what does the happiness of the user depend on? Understanding what makes you happy makes it possible not only to fill the bar but also to identify opportunities beyond it. That is the best way to open a way to build strong loyalty.

Understand the value of users

The last step to know the user is to understand the value of the user.

This means understanding what people are and their history, heritage and the environment that has affected them for many years. Both form a filter that determines how users relate, understand and accept the product.

To understand this, the London team has accumulated details about basic demographic data, such as age, sex, hometown, education and life experience related to the app.

Web design trend

As technology progresses geometrically, we keep time. Improvements in trends and designs have changed dramatically in recent years, so I would like to pay special attention to the main trends at this time.

Common practices include the integration of websites with social networks, the promotion of email subscriptions by site visitors and the acceleration of site loading times. These types of practices are intended to make the experience of the mobile app easier and less uncomfortable.

  • Friendly design for mobile devices is very important. The first element to capture the user’s look is that appeared on the first screen of the mobile devices and on the main page of a website are vitally important. Designers pay great attention to the site to work properly with mobile devices to adapt to the spread of the Internet on mobile phones and tablets.
  • The flat design is its upward trend. The minimalist user interface has evolved and evolved to be better for the "Material design" mobile interface. The visualisation of materials is basically the result of a set of Google tips to better design the users of mobile devices. It supports increased mobile browsing by enhancing the visible movement experience. It's almost the same as a flat design, but layers, subtle gradations and animation can make the tactile experience worthwhile.
  • Micro interaction is another general trend. We all saw such delicate interactions on various websites where a small log box appeared in front of the site and everything else in the background disappeared. Therefore, the micro interactions cause the extra participation of the user.
  • If you need to create a website optimized for mobile devices, the London team is ready to create a customized solution that meets your needs and the latest trends and opens a new business horizon.

Customer relationship management

Our team in London is perfect not only for technical problems but also for customer service. Part of the success is in satisfying the customer. There is no doubt that we only had positive comments that most of our clients would give us. We detail the communication strategy. It can make the client fully understand the London app design agency.

Know the strengths

Our team consists of excellent experts in consept creation, visualisation and software development. For each new project, I will name the most suitable people. Each designer has extensive experience in handling typographic information, shadow theory, works of art and similar projects.

Designers often abandon themselves in a spectacular vision of their own, focusing on composition, design or various interaction problems, far from the real resolution of problems. You can spend considerable time completing the design of the design. But when everyone works as a team, teamwork is what makes us better, so we will always provide optimal solutions for each project without wasting time on individual ambitions. To exchange points of view.

App design process

Step 1: discovery

Developers are deeply involved in business needs, discover audiences, their behavior, customer goals and obstacles to achievement. The discovery process is part of a brainstorming, innovation of elements, partial refinement, partial communication between a company and a team. It happens frequently in the central office of London. But it is not walking slowly. We are short thinkers who are exquisite speed thinkers, actively discover ideas, reject ideas and question each assumption. After all, because we act, not as a speaker, we test, play, explore, give in, make backup copies and do everything possible in the best way.

Step 2: Design the user interface

We love designing interactive prototypes, but to build them we must first create a user experience map. They help to create a solid base to recognize the interactions between all the elements in order to cover the functions of the app, take into account its essential characteristics and create a fun user experience. The policy on the development of iPhone and Android applications is equivalent, but exclusive.

Or it may be necessary to design highly responsive web applications on a cross platform. Whatever the platform, the designer will discover how the user moves from point A to point B and becomes an entry C.

Step 3: Rapid prototyping

Once the base is built, the real work begins. It's time to organize all the magical elements of the system, screen, animation, reagent buttons, app design. The team creates several models and approves that concept. Basically, the detailed schedules refined according to the UX test are prepared on each screen.

Our developers create interactive prototypes at the beginning of the process and do not avoid repetitive testing or user testing. Regardless of whether your app is within a store or within a company, a sophisticated team of developers will optimize that experience.

Step 4: Branding

At the same time, the designer will work on the user interface. The designer creates the logo of the app, responds to the needs of the user and uses the heartbeat of the target audience. Using mental maps, market studies, use cases and cultural trends, the creators explore the client's motives. They also disguise themselves with their wire frame, strengthen the logo, add functionality and end up resonating with customers.

Common ground

We know how to build strong relationships with customers and all app specialists follow the general rules of interaction:

  • Recognize the task: investigate the problem and skip the discovery phase. Our design experts will always try to understand the fundamentals of the company, the people who work there, the people who use the service or the person who buys the products.
  • Aesthetics is important, but not more important than the rest of the product's usefulness.
  • That is no longer our concern. We are convinced that the customer is the central figure of the app development process. Our designers are constantly opening a place of communication and preparing to make the most daring ideas with their own experiences and skills.

App design, London: recruiters

Our digital team is convinced that our London designers with their experience and UK inspiration is the right choice for you, since the staff can offer a broad portfolio of previous projects and share with you some of our fresh client-catchy design ideas.

Our work is not limited to the creation of designs. The designers adhere to the latest trends in the visual design and integrate them with our programmers experience in creating the high-functional, user-friendly and good-looking bespoke projects. The result is perfect, as you can see.

Rely on professional designers from London

Our IT company is always ready to participate in your app development process. If you do not clear understand what you need, we are here to help you recognise your priorities and crystallize the demands to bring the app design to life. If you feel lost in the digital world, allow our app developers from London to help.