Apple app development: vision of the iOS development program

Last year, Apple permitted all people who wanted to develop iOS apps but could not afford the personal device for free trials of mobile software from the complete iOS development program. Apple has invited development experts to participate in absolute expansion of the mobile app market, so if you are looking forward to the introduction of impeccable iOS design, our agents have experienced experts from the iPhone development team for the iOS developer program prepared this guide.

About the iOS Development Tool

Since the launch of Apple's iOS project, mobile developers must pay $ 99 once a year to test apps on their smartphones or tablets by 2015. Today any person who wants to build an iOS app can download the Xcode integration development program, start building the app and testing it for free on the device. This move is a major move by Apple, giving up the old politics, so that students and amateurs have the opportunity to use a wealth of tools without spending even a penny.

The leading app market

Obviously, Apple, Microsoft and Google are waging a war to bring new development professionals to their mobile platform. For example, to gain the opportunity to launch an application on the Google Play Store, developers pay only $ 25 and have the ability to run the app on Android devices before iOS can be deployed. Concurrently, the Windows App Store is free for everyone who wants to publish the app.

Free member against paid subscription

In addition, developers of iOS and OS X plan to have a subscription, then pay $ 99, you can build and distribute apps for OS X, iOS, WatchOS. From the other perspective, if you just want to use Apple's official tools to develop apps, not through the APp store to distribute them, then you can access the toolkit for free. Other benefits of paid subscriptions include the ability to use TestFlight for beta testing, access to trial versions of various versions of the iOS operating system, and of course to publish applications on the App Store for public use.

Efficient Microsoft Applications

To attract even more development experts, Microsoft has released updated the mobile operating system, so that the development of iOS and Android be transferred to the Windows Phone application. At the same time, the Windows Universal Platform allows to create a separate program that can run on all various Windows devices (desktops, smartphones, laptops, tablets) - the only aspect you need to adapt for different screens is the user interface. iOS has finally succumbed to development tools, development enthusiasts, so that competitors such as Android and Microsoft are more competitive.

How to sign up for free?

If you pay $ 99 a year for the Apple program, you can also choose to create a free Apple ID, which will allow you to take advantage of some limited Apple development tools. To be honest, the free account is not the full development account - Apple is just providing the Apple ID, but does not want to be an iOS developer in the Xcode tool, the development forum, the trial version of the development visit complete, of course, the most important The feature is that any Apple ID owner can now deploy applications on personal devices (including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) as part of the application testing program.

Step by step tutorial

Our iOS designer has created a short tutorial on how to sign up for a free account to take advantage of Xcode:

  • Step 1: Create a free Apple ID after this link. If you have already registered an ID, go to Step 2.
  • Step 2: Login to the Apple App Development Member Center using your Apple ID, which will allow you to access a limited set of tools. Read the initial form and accept the conditions, check the box.
  • Step 3: Start Xcode, go to Preferences, and then click Accounts.
  • Step 4: Click the "+" sign in the lower left corner, select Add ID and enter your Apple ID to sign in.
Can now use Xcode

Congratulations! You can now use your ID to sign in to use Xcode to deploy and test your app for free on iOS devices. If you later feel like getting more advanced Xcode features, you can subscribe to the paid subscription. It also gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to try the new beta operating system from Apple.

We provide functional charts for different levels of developer members:

Apple ID (free):

  • Xcode Tool
  • Xcode Beta Version
  • Development Forum
  • Wrong reporter
  • Equipment test

Personal Developer Developer Account ($ 99):

  • Beta version of the operating system
  • Advanced app function
  • App Store Distribution
  • Safari Extension
  • Developer ID
  • Technical Support Accident
  • TestFlight Beta
  • App Analysis

Organize your Apple Developer account ($ 99):

  • Team management

Business Plan ($ 299):

  • Internal distribution of apps

So now you have all the information you need to decide whether to use your Apple ID to get free permissions or to register a full Apple developer program for an annual fee of $ 99.

How to choose the iOS app developer

But if I do not know what Apple has developed, there is no time to learn? So your choice is obvious - hire a third party software design company. To help you with your mission, our business development experts have prepared ten tips on how to choose the best mobile application specialist not only to provide digital products but also to bring value to your business.

Looking for a perfect programmer?

Do not look at the cost - of course, you can choose from some emerging countries the cheapest digital institutions, but the end result will be hard to reach your expectations. Its main objective is to create a quality application that can bring value instead of saving money, so that price should not be one of the main factors to consider.

  • Check portfolio - Ask the applicant if you can find a case study of the project they are doing;
  • Request Customer Allocations - Do not trust the portfolio, some wrong designers can actually claim to have created some items, so it's always best to give some evidence. Ask the applicant to give you a list of clients you can contact.
  • Find Your Experienced Team In The Business Area - When team members have previous experience in their industry and are truly interested in success, you can expect them to make a valuable contribution to your business;
  • Knowing professional knowledge - this does not mean you should have a small experience, but a brilliant idea to dissolve the digital company, but the skills are always worthwhile. Another important developer is the time that the development company exists, because the app design team takes time to work together;
  • Want to build long-term partnerships - remember that you'll have to spend a lot of time discussing and improving your project with the design team;
  • Make sure you have written the software requirements specification correctly - the candidate you will work with must be willing to plan the app carefully and create comprehensive software requirements;
  • Choose a full service company - in the long run, you never know what services you may need;
  • Focus on design - mobile apps look good, providing a high-quality user experience is always better than high-tech complex application sales;
  • Keep in mind the reputation of the digital organization - one of the main problems you may face is that the designer can not deliver the requested product.

Work with Apple Developers

We believe these ten recommendations will help you find a perfect developer and create a good mobile app and become a long-term business partner for your business. Choosing the Apple software development team is very important, after all, you put the future of your business in the hands, you must really have confidence that will not disappoint you.

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