Handy Tips for Freelance App Developers

There is about a million apps in the app store. There are over 100 companies in the UK specialising in app development. There are thousands of freelance app and web developers out there struggling up the food chain. Here is a set of guidelines every freelancer should follow before jumping head first into the business.

Keep it Simple

Remember there is a vast plethora of complicated and monotonous apps out there. If your app is boring and complicated it would never be downloaded. So first thing, make your App UI presentable and simple. Make a kickass icon and give your app a catchy name. Marketing is everything today.

Research Old Apps

Look up old apps in the app store. Go through their portfolio and their design. Understand their flaws (if any) and try to edit them as you implement it in your app. Don’t just study the renowned apps, go for the ones which aren’t that famous. Try finding out why they couldn’t be as famous and don’t make that same mistake in your case. Don’t copy old designs, instead try modifying an older version such that the output is better.

Follow your Heart

Every app developer has a niche. Try identifying and nurturing yours before you get into the developing business. If your passion is travel, come up with an idea and a design no developer has come up with before. Make your app call to its users. Test your app. You are its first user and so try looking at it objectively. Turn your passion into their pastime.

Patience is Key

You may not necessarily flourish in the app market with your very first app. Don’t be disappointed with failure and invest more time in perfecting your design. Developing a proper app takes time. Rushing things may not prove to be beneficial, considering the mistakes you may make or flaws you may overlook.

No to Seeking Investments

The best course for action for you would be to start saving assets for your app development business. It never is very suitable to seek investments as issues may arise later.

Get a Technical Partner

You will need someone to provide you with assistance if and when necessary. Having a technical partner will not just make your work more efficient, it will provide a second set of eyes. Sometimes a second opinion can be of great help. More importantly, an app designer doesn’t always have deep pockets. A joint venture isn’t a bad idea.