iOS Developer Contract is a Guarantee of Fair Relations

We are an accredited IT company dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions for iOS-based devices. To protect your privacy and business idea, the first thing we do is signing the NDA developer’s contract to let your feel safe with all the commercial data.

The members of our team know everything about software development and we can demonstrate skillful and professional work examples and create the great application based on the most demanding requirements.

How it Works

Our company is an experienced online IT organisation with builders, engineers, programmers, coders, experts with years of experience in iOS. We have strong partnerships with the customers worldwide, from individual entrepreneurs to large companies. Our digital agency will ensure that stakeholders take the ideal communication to maximize performance.

Our developers carefully consider the projects and objectives and provide a complete development plan. Document detailing the scope, cost, execution and management of the mission. In other words, it has a concept and we manage everything from bureaucracy to implementation and execution. The team of iOS specialists will be carefully selected according to your requirements.


Our development agency can boast of the most talented programmer in the world market. Some of them are internationally famous. Our IT company is making a great investment in expertise. With our carefully selected training, iOS application developers are expert programmers who can provide exactly what you need and ensure that your deadlines are met.

Our Skills

The internal specialists of our company are familiar with iOS development, wireframing, UX / UI responsive design, e-commerce solution, company, software testing, AppStore optimization and post-launch professional services.

Legal Contract Necessary to Work with iOS Developers

When someone's work designs and develops mobile applications, this implies several responsibilities. There is a difference between simply creating an application and creating an expert iOS developer. If the programmer is critical of the career of the mobile application, he should strengthen the recreation, start with the correct commercial contract and carry out high quality professional practices.

The written contract protects the developers and the clients they deal with. A properly written contract can guarantee that the contractor will receive a fee for the work done and customers can get products of adequate quality and avoid a painful and expensive legal headache.

Work for Employment

If you use a contractor to build an application component, you need a different name document, such as an employment contract, an independent contractor contract, or a mobile application development service contract. Basically they are the same as long as "phrase by job" is included: "Work for employment." Unless otherwise indicated, developers shall treat all proprietary materials created by developers under this contract as "Work for Employment" and Exclusive Property. These elements include services or all the deliverables provided in this contract, the specific results and revenues of the services, work in progress, records, diagrams, annotations, drawings, specifications, etc. Design drawings, designs, improvements, inventions, discoveries, developments, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, databases, software, programs, middleware, applications and solutions designed, developed, discovered by developers in any way during the term of this contract related to Developer Services.

The advantage of work contracts is to handle IP assignments. It is signed in a timely manner. In other words, before this is done, this contract automatically assigns all the codes and designs that the contractors build for you.

However, as developers always try to maintain so-called "portfolio rights", they can ask the permission to show their work to potential clients.

License Agreement

In many cases, this agreement, called "service contract" or another variant thereof, is substantially different from that described above in the intellectual property clause. The copyright is not assigned by default. However, it is authorized by the user or commissioner for the user (regular or regular). By license, the independent iOS creator can customize the following services.

  • You can limit the scope of the license to specific missions or products, geographical locations or terms.
  • Customers can pay a premium for the specific use of the code.
  • They can define their own IP rescue for so-called "tools" (ie, developer code or fragment that contains multiple tasks). The developer simply continues to give the client permission to use).

In most cases, iOS developers look for a compromise between the license and the workers. A full service contract is usually the best of both worlds.

Privacy Policy

For now, programmers do not violate the law in the absence of a privacy policy. In other words, it means that we do not collect personal information, such as financial information and health-related data. However, developers are caught in the regulators of the strictest privacy policy in the EU. In addition, the Apple App Store has conditions that require an updated "legally relevant" privacy policy for all products that request usernames and passwords. Therefore, there is a great possibility that the application needs a privacy policy.

Several privately-owned hedge factories launched freely are available and more skillfully.


The private contract is the last, but not the least important. These contracts are pretty standard in digital business and all respected iOS developers need to sign it.

  • We will cooperate with the discussion of the details and the signature of the NDA. We guarantee the confidentiality of all the data provided. Even if you estimate the project, you can confirm that your ideas and materials are protected reliably and safely.
  • We are ready to talk in detail about all levels of conspiracy. It is up to you to decide:
  • If possible, name the developer of the project company.
  • If the agency can refer your project to our portfolio.
  • If you approve the rights of the portfolio.
  • What kind of data should not be disclosed, etc.

Such an approach is a guarantee of confidentiality and relationships of irreparable relief based on loyalty.

Technical Assignment Contract

According to copyright regulations, programmers have possession from the moment the code is "fixed in tangible form". In other words, even if the developer has not started anything, before you have the copyright as soon as you press "save". This also counts the design and the creative content used by the application. When collaborating with a development company, the client receives rights for all the components of the product.

In several cases, iOS developers use the work of other users to build the application. You must make sure that you have all the rights to use them. Otherwise, you may be exposed to third-party income claims. That is the purpose of the technology assignment contract. This is a basic contract that assigns the intellectual property of the work to the developer (or to the development company, if it is incorporated).

As with all contracts, you should consider it legal. In fact, the value exchanged for having intellectual property rights is taken into account. It is usually money (you can do it at any price, but you can compete with a symbolic amount of $ 1), but it is also the capital of the organization. It is also a promise to represent a certain percentage of future sales or profits. An important issue is the representation and guarantee of the person transferring the copyright. For example, at this stage:

  • IT company is the sole owner of all rights and IP titles.
  • This firm does not assign that right to anyone.
  • Developer does not recognize the infringement, violation or misuse of the rights of third parties by IP.
  • Programmers were not hired by a third party when creating IP (if IP belongs to the employer).

Keep in mind that contracts of this type often include non-disclosure provisions. It is highly prioritized and should not be negotiated.

Interaction with Customers

Our service has a trial period that can be reversed for some reason, but there is no fine. In addition to high-level customer service, we strive to be perfect among all the technical elements.

An important part of our work is to make our customers happy. We have been successful since our company was established. To be honest, most of our clients have given us good comments. How I felt that his ideas created something completely satisfied and I saw him achieve it, but I have been using iOS development products for many years. There are several emotional employers, many of whom are part of my life.

Most of our first clients are regular due to the fact that they are very satisfied with our performance. Many customers think that they want to make money with the application they developed, most of them were successful and get great income gains.

Our law firm proudly proclaims that we have never had legal problems with our clients. The internal policy of our company is not absolute and we reserve the right to stop negotiations with employers if there are reasonable doubts about the criminal behavior or criminal / ethical limits. is just as it reserves the right to deny applications and iOS software from the open market if it determines that a company is important due to certain moral / ethical principles.

Successful iOS Development

We are specialized in several fields, but we have an application generator with a unique talent in iOS development. We have many customer stories: companies have increased sales, websites have expanded visits, people have gained fame in many of the applications they invented. Our study developers use many tools and understand the advantages of third-party structures.

By using such a platform, it is possible to code in languages ​​other than Objective-C and Swift, which results in shortening the development time. Being able to create applications on the iOS platform is absolutely worthy of developers and designers, and their passion is clear in the multiple projects they are working on.

Our IT Company is Always Ppen for a Dialogue

When you need an informative advice on any question related to the development of applications, or a legal issue with iOS developer contracts, our team is always ready to discuss everything in detail. Please, contact our consultants at any time.