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When you need a digital solution, there are two options: hire a professional like us, or do it all yourself. Application development is an extraordinary task that requires a lot of skill and experience. The Internet drowned the success story, about ordinary people creating their iPhone application, making it a million-dollar story at night.

How long do you need to develop iPhone applications?

Developing the iPhone app is a difficult task, the efficiency of which depends on the level of programming knowledge and the time spent in the development every day. If you have determination, you can definitely learn Objective-C and some other languages and create games for iOS within months. Keep in mind that in addition to the current programming, you also need a lot of time to test and debug.

Build your application using expert iOS developers

If you do not have the time or are willing to learn programming, you can hire an application development specialist for you to design. Our digital agency in London, UK and other countries around Gloves offer a broad range of solutions covering all aspects of software development and website. iOS application design, website creation, custom software, business solutions, trademarks, etc. - Our specialists can handle complex tasks. We will provide you the best mobile strategy for your business and create a high quality product to fit your needs at work.

DIY: become an application developer for iPhone

You can try to do it yourself. The iPhone is no longer needed by publishers. You do not need a distribution partner to start your application. It is not necessary. Apple has popularized the production of mobile games and applications and for the masses to provide the perfect digital technology, so that independent music and film production becomes the great masses. Anyone can now become a new David Jones. Or are they? To create the next mobile device, you must know the basics of iPhone application development. Our application design and development experts prepare a tutorial for each person who wants to start developing iPhone applications and creating their first mobile application. So read on if you want to be the next rock star on the iPhone.

Get MacBook

To develop iOS applications, you'll need a MacBook. It's not necessarily the latest model, but make sure it's not too old. If you do not have a Mac computer and do not want to spend a lot of money to buy, you can use the simulator application. However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the applications running on the emulator can run on real devices. Many developers like Mac Minis because they have enough functionality but are also small and easy to add as a complement to the PC, monitor, and other devices that developers usually have. You can easily move Mac Minis, upload it, work anytime, anywhere.

Download the SDK and learn Objective-C

You can get the free iOS version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) from the Apple website. The suite includes everything you need to create your application: the Xcode development environment, the iPhone simulator running the test, the tools to analyze performance, the build interface, and the API library (application programming interface) . You may know that the main programming language developed by iOS is Objective-C.

How to learn iOS programming?

If you have any coding experience in C, C ++ or Objective-C? The only thing you need to do is master the iOS API and point directly to the Apple Developer's Guide. If you do not understand any programming language, then start with the tutorials on absolute beginners, like the For Dummies series in the code, there are many on the web. Try entering the Objective-C Tutorial in the search bar and review the most recent results.

Objective-C Story

This is a brief history of Objective-C: it builds on the early programming language Smalltalk, developed in Xerox PARC, all modernized and adopted by Apple. The Objective-C Smalltalk predecessor is also similar to C. In fact, Objective-C was in fact invented by Steve Jobs, owned by Next Jobs. When it returned to Apple, the company bought Next Computing with Objective-C, the primary language for the Mac. Developers like this language because it handles many coding problems in a Java-like way. It's simple and straightforward, it doesn't make the developer suffer from complex hardware facts and successfully avoids the major issues of C and C ++ - memory leaks.

Advantages of the Apple SDK

The Apple SDK is very detailed, so developers can provide a number of examples of performing various functions. The Apple Program and Developer's Guide provides a wealth of useful information. In addition, the iPhone supports OpenGL ES, which allows the device to maximize the power of the graphics processor. Plan to use 3D graphics to create a cool shooter? you also need to learn this topic. iOS development by any means is not limited to Objective-C - many digital agencies use C ++ to write games because they can easily move games to other platforms, such as the Xbox.

Through the practical developer study

If it is not theoretically fixed, the learning effect of the manual is not important and you will not be able to write programs in Objective-C from the first attempt. Practice is important. You are barely familiar with programming languages ​​and development tools. But once you start this program and try to try it, you will be quick to understand how it works. So do not sit in the book for long - the sooner you start applying knowledge to practice, the sooner you learn.


The first goal you must set up is to make things happen about these things - that's what the developer will do when introducing you to a new platform. Start from one screen. Create background, some buttons and other elements. Try to move them and assign them operations. And then to reach the interaction and play. Firstly, you will be very enthusiastic about your first achievement, but be sure that continuous optimization is the key to the success of any digital product.

Create a first draft

After a while, the embarrassing element will turn into a properly designed screen, and the code will begin to function as expected. In a week you will see tangible results. When you take the first step in the iPhone application developer and create your first draft through a few built-in screens, run the actual mobile device and see how it works - it will tell you the weak E code design.

iPhone - leading smartphone

There is no doubt that the iPhone has become one of the most popular handsets of the 21st century. While desktops are still the leading platform for independent application development, low-entry mobile devices and a great user experience have become the machine's ultimate success. Anyone can design high-quality apps that will be launched in major mobile markets such as the App Store and the Play Store and can be delivered to the largest smartphone user base in a few weeks.(H3) reverse engineering

If you do not want to start with a new project, you can play an existing project. The SDK offers a wide range of projects available that cover all aspects of application development. You might consider one of these off-the-shelf projects and reverse engineering to see how it's built. So you can add some new features or make the necessary changes to add your personal feelings to the project.

Stories of developer success

Summly. In an amateur time of Nick D'Aloisio, 15, to create an app that summarizes about 100 words of D'Aloisio's long news articles at age 17 to $ 30 million for sale to Yahoo, the which makes you more Young and impressive mobile entrepreneur. Heard of immigrants from Ukrania Jan Kourn, who left the University of San Jose and developed the WhatsApp? It is a widely used multi-platform messenger that has become an alternative message message for more than one billion users of smartphones. Facebook acquired the company for $ 21.8 billion, making WhatsApp - the most successful messaging application in history.

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