Kindle Paperwhite Available after October 1-It will be Pity, if it is Not For Amazon Developer

We are going to witness some new devices in the Kindle series before coming November. We are soon going to have the Kindle Paperwhite that is coming with the glowlight right now. This is the inclusion by the Amazon in its Kindle series. The self-illuminating screen was certainly the part of the Nook series right now. However, you are going to find that now this facility is going to be made available in case of the Kindle Paperwhite as well. You are going to have the whiter screen as well as the self illuminating screen is certainly going to be quite a good inclusion as now we can read in the brightest of sunshine as well. Jeff Bezos is certainly right now proudest of all. The digital library of the Kindle is one of the most powerful of the features of the Kindle. We are now going to access this library in the self-illuminating screen. All these facilities are now on the Kindle Simple touch certainly. The name of this device is going to be Kindle Paperwhite. You can understand that why it is called Paperwhite. You are not going to get any kind of yellowing display and it is certainly going to be complete white. This feeling will be quite pleasing to the eyes certainly. It is however, not for Amazon developer.
The capacitive touch screen is the new inclusion and that’s make this product quite awesome. The front-lit display certainly can help you read in the dark and that makes this device quite friendly in all kind of environment. The contrast is just awesome and you will find around 25% more contrast as compared with the Pearl screens that came with the Kindle devices. The resolution is certainly 62% higher than the previous device. All the light is certainly directed towards the screen and that certainly is much more advanced feature that is not present in Nook. The material used for providing for such facilities is certainly the fiber optics. The color of the screen is whiter and the thickness of the device (9.1 mm) is much less as compared to the previous ones definitely. The disadvantage is certainly that you cannot use it for the Kindle development as being required by the Amazon developer.
The battery power is just awesome and it is around of 8 weeks, which is quite awesome undoubtedly. However, the biggest advantage is certainly that it is touch screen and you can do a world of touch with just a touch. You can flip across the pages quite easily. You will find that it is around 15% faster than the previous models and thus it does appear to be on the winning path right now.
There is a detailed font facility now and there is a higher resolution as well as you can now play with the brightness through the slider that is made available to you with this device. You can easily calculate the reading speed as well as there is software and you can calculate that how quickly you can read the chapter. The cost of this model is around $119 in America and that is quite cheap. You can also get rid of the ads if you will pay $20 more and that is just awesome. It would be better however; this device is compatible for Amazon development as well by Amazon developer. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm<, contact them on their website.