Recent Web Projects


Customer View

An internal portal for customer relationship management

Our task was to build an extension for a web application and integrate it into the customer’s company system to support sales specialists everyday workflow. Our customer is a legal consultancy services provider with an impressive clientele with whom they strive to support healthy relationships. We have built a bespoke CRM systems with integrated MS Outlook and corporate data that helps to accelerate the work of the company’s sales managers. The solution presents a .NET-based app built with the help of Angular JS framework, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 practices and the database was integrated with SQL technologies.


Housing Community

An enterprise resource management cloud-based application

Our customer approached us to build a custom ERM system to automate and enhance all the customer company business practices implementing regular reporting functionality. This software solution was developed to reduce costs and improve administrative performance making it effortless but efficient. Besides, the solution included also a web app for the end-users on demand. We implied agile delivery methods refining the project to perfection and ensuring the rapid delivery and early client feedback. We have automated applications and queries management, apartment inspection procedure, payment tracking and contracting. The app is complemented with a customers’ portal. Our team utilized ASP.NET Web API frameworks in combination with RESTful web services and integrated JasperReports for a reporting solution.


Network Monitoring

A management system for simultaneous monitoring of 500+ devices

Our team once worked with an oil field developers who were interested in a reliable network management solution which could connect switchers, routers, multiplexers, temperature sensors, UPS, VoIP and other network devices and monitor them in a real-time mode visualizing them and generating a report. We have built a software solution that could meet customer productivity expectations with rich monitoring capabilities and unlimited connectivity. Our software solution displays network infrastructure on the map, monitors status of the devices, collect statistics and generate a visual representation of the data. The solution is based on the enterprise-level open source monitoring system, Icinga, reporting functionality with JasperServer.



A social networking platform for professional developers

Once we had a chance to work with a group of programmers with the aim to create a social-networking platform that could unite IT experts to deal with software development challenges. The platform also present events where sponsors can display their software challenges and grant prizes to the developers who help to deal with them. The users can create and update their projects which can be displayed publicly or kept private. The goal of the project team is to develop an app during to the held events. Any user can submit a challenge and make it sponsored setting a prize for it. A perfect place for developers to train, collaborate and get rewarded.


Responsive Light

A web and mobile applications for lighting management

Once we had a joint project with one of the pioneers of the world’s smart lighting industry. We were asked to build a web simulation and mobile application for remote control of the lighting system. The simulator was built to display the work of the customer’s system while the application was developed for remote operating. The program has numerous adjustment setting which should have been implemented in our software solution so that users could achieve significant energy savings and improve lighting quality for residents with the control of the light output.


Cargo Ship Maintain

A system for scheduling cargo ship maintenance

Our customer was a representative of a large shipping analysis company who wanted to find an efficient tool for monitoring cargo ships state and make decisions on its maintenance needs. The system we built helps to avoid downtime and squandering of the fuel. A marine transport requires regular cleaning to reduce significant fuel consumption connected with propeller damage and ship slowdowns. We created an automatisation monitoring system that indicates fuel consumption and provides an overview of the ship with the help of special sensors. The functionality of the program also includes collecting statistics data and fuel consumption forecasting.