Rooting for Nook Developers-How it is being done

If you want to attain the privileged control then you are certainly in need of the rooting techniques that are being provided on all Android smart phones. Either it is Galaxy tab or Nook color; you can use the rooting technique in the same way as you are using the Jailbreaking technique for Apple Iphone and Ipad. It is quite clear that now you will understand the rooting process theme. There are some privileged commands that are not available in the stock configuration while we buy the Android device. The same thing arises with the Nook devices as well. You will find that rooting opens the hand of a Nook developer to provide more options for the Nook users. You require rooting for potentially more deadly and dangerous operations such as deleting the system files, low-level access of hardware and so on.
You require unlocking boot loader verification if you want to remove the installed operating devices. You certainly do not require the rooting to run the application outside the Google play as being done by Jailbreaking in case of Apple Iphone. Right now, by default, Amazon Kindle is for Amazon App store but it uses the Android operating environment. Well, for that, we need side loading and that does this job. We are now going to have a look at how this rooting is done by the Nook developers on Nook Color and tablet devices.
The Android loader from Android SDK is certainly the ADB. If you want to install the apps on the Barnes & Nobles Nook color using the ADB then you need the rooting process as this provides such facilities. You need to use the Auto-Nooter Variation. With this, you can install many features like su and superuser.apk, busy Box, Non Market installs, calendar and calculators, disable or enable Android market, YouTube and Gmail, enable multi touch for Android Apps, provides live wallpapers, adds removable custom root animation and so on.
There are so many things that you can do through the Rooting process and Nook developers are certainly doing that. We are going to discuss any one of such process and let us see how it stands in front of us. Just think that after rooting the You Tube fails to start. If you want to fix this problem then you need Titanium back up from the anywhere. You will need that to clear the You Tube user data.
However, you can clear the You Tube data manually as well. You can also reinstall the apps as well. However, you might find problem with the reinstallation process. Hence, you should clear the data, as that is a better idea. Type adb shell and then rm-fR/data/data/ youtube/*. You can use busybox rm if this does not work. You will find that the YouTube start working again. You can download GScript to run the command again. Do not try to login on YouTube as it might break after doing this. All these are part of rooting and you will find that most of Nook developers use them while developing Nook apps. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.