First-class Software Development UK: create customized solutions for business boost

Our technical and experienced software development team in the UK has offices all over the world to design effective digital solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Business development in the UK

If you are searching for a UK reputation and experienced development agencies to create a product for business then you can trust us because we provide hundreds of custom solutions for many industries. Company's developers can create a variety of digital solutions from cloud applications, e-commerce portals, native and hybrid mobile apps, sensitive Web sites, and content management systems. Read more.

Development of custom software based in London, UK

We develop custom business software for different purposes, combine the latest technology, and use advanced tools to improve your business productivity and connect with new UK customers. Our ambitious enthusiastic developers in the UK will be challenged by creating software that delivers true value.

One of our successful products is the customer management system of the large express delivery company, the educational application of the students of the famous University of England, the online booking system of the railway company and the custom accounting system from the UK's top dealers.

How do we design custom software?

Whether you require a customer-focused solution,or build up loyalty among consumers, or want to develop back-end systems to improve the efficiency of your internal business routine, our experts can supply you with an affordable and affordable product and solutions rich in features that will cover the needs of your enterprise and attract customers. Our business analysts will need time to attain an in-depth understanding of your enterprise and audience to get the most effective solution that will fit your process, including:

  • Web-based applications with local databases, remote, cloud, multi-tenant;
  • A responsive front-end site hosted by a database;
  • Hosted Web-based programs with resourceful customer management systems;
  • Including application front ends for integrated front end, B2B, backend and B2C;
  • A desktop product with a cloud or local database synchronized with the central database;
  • Native software with local or remote database for tablets and smartphones.

Advanced Solutions Table Expert Developers

We design enterprise applications that use these technologies:

  • Secure Messenger;
  • QR code scanner (barcode) for online purchasing, purchasing and administration systems;
  • Customer-oriented apps that can be accessed from the laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere, allowing customers to access information and features when they need it;
  • Time management application that informs users about recently happened events and actions - you do not have to fully rely on your memory or handwriting list;
  • Automatic reporting, for your business to provide fast and accurate view;
  • Predict inventory levels to minimize risk and keep inventories at the highest level.
  • In addition, our experts can integrate a program with whatever software or tools you want: existing business plans, online payment, marketing tools, networks and so on.

The process of app development

We have a great experience in all the technologies and popular tools developed by the software, such as HTML5, ASP.NET MVC Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, Web Services and so on. Experienced project managers will be informed about the progress and steps taken by the developers during the process. You will have full access to all of the content we designate so that you can play the product anytime, anywhere, and make any changes to the software necessities if you are not invited to participate in the development.

Who owns the source code?

Our main focus is to provide customers with an excellent user experience app. We also commit to building long-lasting partnerships with customers, that is why we promise you will be happy with us. Upon completion of the work, you will obtain the intellectual property of the final product:

  • You are not required to pay a license or any other fee because you are a legal owner of the final product and the source code;
  • We do not utilise plug-ins, proprietary tools or other technologies while building products. In fact, this means that the life cycle of your application is unrestricted, and if you have to make alterations to the software, any developer can modify its lifecycle.

After launch

We are always committed to providing top-class software that meets your expectations, adding value to businesses, and that is why we never stop after the development is over. Our experts continue to support, improve and upgrade our products to make sure you get the most out of it. To ensure efficiency, we:

  • Create a comprehensive specification of software requirements and explain the process without using hardly understandable and specific terminology.
  • Train your team on your site or use our software at our London office. However, you probably do not need training because our program is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support, additional charges, to provide quick troubleshooting and 24/7 onsite support to development specialists.
  • Host your product using a hosting service at an additional cost. We can have a high-speed, scalable and secure host that offers many benefits for those who do not want to install hardware for their servers instead.

Web Apps and web development in the UK

At our software creation agency in the UK we have created user-friendly, secure and effective web applications for all widespread browsers and we adapt to all screen sizes due to their sensitive design. Most modern working hours are no longer limited to 9 hours per week for 5 days.

Today, UK business people need access their documents, contacts, events or other business information: that's what web applications give them - instant access to all business processes. Programmers can build anything from the mobile version of your organization's system to increase their mobility, remotely access site personnel, customize tools, build brand loyalty, and enable you to connect with your customers.

Work with our development company UK

Whether you require to develop a company web application to manage the cost of a business, distribute your network solution among your customers or provide customers with information about products and services, we will provide the solution you need The shortest possible time to provide your audience- target and the products the employee will like.

The software development process usually begins with an investigation of business, requirements as well as targeting audience and setting long-lasting business targets. There is no doubt that we will be rich experience in your product, and throughout the development process of your project to contribute with many excellent ideas. Depending on the requirements of your company, our digital agents can provide different types of web applications for your company and are configured according to your specific requirements.

Why web app development?

A web apps a software that runs in a browser just as a mobile app is running on a tablet or smartphone. The development of web apps has been very popular in recent years. This spread is mainly due to its ease of use - access them from any kind of device that installs the browser and can be accessed from a smartphone, which is very important because most people now prefer to surf the Internet from mobile devices, you can Use them without downloading and then installing them.

Web application functions

Over the years, we have created web apps with the following features:

  • Encourage social events, allow users to add friends, create custom reports, share posts,and investigate.
  • Automate regular programs, data processing, content management, reporting, printing and etc..
  • Get feedback from UK users, get analytics data to monitor user activity and traffic, and collect customer information.
  • Use graphical widgets to track progress, monitor features, and highlight important data.
  • Introduce advanced features to reduce the weight of customer support teams.
  • Use advanced privileges to provide different levels of access to software features.

Responsive software development in the UK

Every app we create has a responsive design to ensure the work of all different devices. Responsive design makes the app to fit any display, whether it's a desktop, smartphone, tablet or laptop. All elements of the product adapt to screen resolution to ensure readability and ease of use - menus,buttons, controls, text boxes and so on.

When you enter a mobile device, the elements decrease, some of them disappear, providing the most comfortable experience for a particular device. If you would like to create a web application in the UK or any questions about commercial software development, please contact our experts will be happy to talk to you.