With IOS 8.2 Apple Prepares Environment For App Developers To Make Apps For Apple Watch

IOS 8.2 is now available for app developers and IOS 8.2 is up with some of the most awesome features that will be a great help for the app developers while they build the Apple Watch apps. People feel that the small screen of Apple watch can be a problem and hence they will prefer IPhone. However, it is still early days. Things are going to change as the time passes by. You are going to witness some of the great apps and especially a long list of apps that will promote on demand services. Some of the on demand services can be like car rental, laundry services, food delivery, DVD for entertainment and many more features. All of these features are now a possibility.
It has amazed me. Tim Cook has done the mistakes in the past. Looking closely, Tim has favored Jony Ive a lot and ahead of techies like Scott Forstall, who was the key member of Steve Jobs team and the head of Ios software.
Another big mistake from Tim Cook has been in enhancing services like Apple Map services and Siri. Appoint of John Browett is also a mistake in eyes of many critics. However, Apple watch is not a mistake. Making mistake is right of each human being. The fact is that he is up with the great ios 8.2 app now and this comes with features like Apple watch companion app where you will find all the settings. You have the Apple watchkit now with you and you to have various advanced features like ability to bring out working information from third party apps as well as the privacy features for those who do not want to share their experiences with the outside world. If you remember the release of Standford Health Care App using Apple health kit, you will realize how important the above feature is as this ensures the development of such apps for Apple watch environment and that is something amazing.
You will be thrilled to note that Apple has announced, just yesterday about the researchkit project. Undoubtedly, HealthKit project is definitely a sensation for Apple watch developer and many expectations are there for implementation of health kit in Apple watch environment.
Mail, maps, voiceover, hearing aid connectivity and OS stability are some of the features that is coming with IOS 8.2 and it looks likely that the version is especially dedicated to the Apple Watch. Stay tuned, many features are to be discussed soon! Making mistake is the right of each human. Tim Cook has done loads of good work for Apple as well. Jony Ive had controversies with Osterloh recently though he is definitely the best designer on the planet at present.